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New Module Release

CloudLIMS is pleased to announce the release of the Training module. The new Training module of CloudLIMS enables laboratories to manage, and track training and certification of laboratory personnel to ensure that only trained, certified and competent personnel can perform tests, meeting ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation.

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CloudLIMS is excited to exhibit at the Europe Biobank Week (EBW) 2019, to be held at Lübeck (MuK), Germany, from October 8-11, 2019. We are delighted to showcase our purpose-built, in the cloud SaaS LIMS, CloudLIMS, at booth 39, from October 9-11, 2019. We are also presenting a poster titled “Empowering Biobanks to Comply with the EU GDPR for Personal Data Protection using a Cloud-based LIMS” at the event. The poster emphasizes the importance of a LIMS in pseudonymization of sensitive data and in helping data processors to maintain automated records of all processing activities such as data collection, organization, storage, alteration or retrieval.

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CloudLIMS is pleased to announce its participation at the Cannabis Quality Conference & Expo to be held at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center in Schaumburg, Illinois, USA, from October 1-3, 2019. We are delivering a talk titled “ISO 17025 Accreditation: Preparing for Your Cannabis Testing Laboratory Audit Using a Cloud-based LIMS” at the event. The talk highlights the resource, process, management system, and other requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 compliance and emphasizes the role of a Cannabis LIMS in meeting the requirements, thus helping cannabis testing laboratories achieve ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation.

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Talk and Poster

CloudLIMS is back from Cannabis Science Conference (CSC) West, held at the Oregon Convention Center, Portland, USA. We delivered a talk on “Achieve Quality Assurance in Cannabis Testing Laboratories using a LIMS” emphasizing the importance of Quality assurance (QA) in cannabis testing and the role of LIMS in assuring quality and ensuring data integrity in cannabis testing labs. We also presented the poster titled “Achieving ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accreditation in a Cannabis Testing Lab using LIMS”. The poster showcased the importance of a Cannabis LIMS in meeting the technical and management system requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

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LIMS Tutorial

Our tutorials provide detailed instructions to prospective and existing users who need a refresher on how to use our products. Check out our recent tutorial on Learn How to import Aliquots/Derivatives from a file using CloudLIMS."

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Feature Enhancements

  • The training module helps ensure that only trained and competent staff perform analytical tests, enabling the laboratory to meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

  • Option to auto-calculate time duration from a specified date to the current date, thus eliminating the need for manual calculation of fields such as age, etc.

  • Improvement in batch editing of samples enables users to update records quickly and save time.

  • Automatically validate inventory quantity while importing kits, thus keeping track of inventory used in kit creation.

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