Complimentary Webinar: How Laboratories can Accelerate COVID-19 Testing & Issue Results Directly to Health Care Wallets

Wilmington, Delaware – March 24, 2021, CloudLIMS, a leading provider of laboratory informatics, is pleased to announce a complimentary webinar titled “How Laboratories can Accelerate COVID-19 Testing & Issue Results Directly to Health Care Wallets” on April 6, 2021, at 12 PM EDT (4 PM GMT). The duration of the webinar is 40 minutes which includes a 10 minute live Q&A session.

Webinar Overview

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted laboratories world-wide, pushing many of their existing systems and processes to capacity. The increased demand for tests is straining systems and giving rise to an illicit market in counterfeit test certificates, undermining confidence in traditional paper/email test results.

This webinar delineates how your laboratory can leverage Cloud and Mobile Technology to greatly improve your capacity for COVID-19 testing. Furthermore, the webinar illustrates how you can adapt to surges in demand and how Mobile Health Care Wallets massively improve the issuance process, giving patients a secure and convenient way of asserting their health credentials.

Key Takeaways

  • How COVID-19 diagnostic laboratories can leverage automation to increase testing throughput.
  • How COVID-19 testing laboratories can securely manage data and follow compliance with ease.
  • Introducing Health Care Wallets for COVID-19 test issuance.
  • How Digital ID verification and Artificial Intelligence work to counterfeit fraud.

CloudLIMS encourages laboratory managers, owners, and quality managers of COVID-19 diagnostic laboratories to participate in this webinar.

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Senior Bioinformatics Analyst,

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Chief Commercial Officer, Folio.Id

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Solutions Director, Folio.Id


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