LIMS Case Studies

The University of Sheffield Automates its Biorepository Data Management Operations using CloudLIMS

Introduction: The Leading Minds in the World

The University of Sheffield is a globally reputed university renowned for its world-leading research. It not only stands out to be in the top 10 per cent of all UK universities—as assessed by the 2014 Research Excellence Framework system—but is also a world top-100 university, that strives to solve society’s greatest challenges through its excellence, impact, unique teaching and distinctiveness for its research-led learning.

Colibri Scientific Manages Studies and Streamlines its Entire Sample Operations using CloudLIMS


Colibri Scientific, a UK based company, provides flexible clinical sample services to clinical investigators, biotechnology and pharmaceutical organizations running early phase clinical studies. Colibri Scientific understands the importance of quality samples in research, therefore, efficiently manages each and every aspect of sample operations during the entire sample life cycle. They provide a wide range of services such as sample tracking, clinical kit production, sample logistics, site training, project management, laboratory vendor management, in addition to sample storage via their specialist partner.

Global Biomedical Foundation Inc. Manages Clinical Samples Using CloudLIMS


Global Biomedical Foundation Inc. (GBF), world's premier biostorage center, specializes in collection, storage and distribution of rare and highly characterized biological samples such as disease state plasma to meet clinical research management requirements. GBF takes pride in contributing to research by providing access to high quality and well-annotated biospecimen materials within full regulatory compliance. GBF works with a network of laboratories, clinics and medical doctors, located in Latin America which identify and collect clinically significant blood products. GBF specializes mainly in infectious diseases, they likewise serve the market for biological materials for pharmacogenomics, from non-infectious diseases, genetic disorders and immune-allergies.

CloudLIMS for Quality Assurance & Quality Control Services in the Food and Beverages Industry


BevTrac serves the wine industry by providing a laboratory that conducts state-of-the-art analytical and microbiological testing. Their mission is to deliver practical, timely, innovative, and comprehensive quality services to the wine industry, thereby allowing their customers to produce the best quality product. The company has successfully provided quality assessments to over fifty wineries on the West Coast of the United States. BevTrac is the first and only company in the US wine industry to offer comprehensive sanitation services. They have the ability to cover all aspects of winery sanitation, right from rapid assessments of the sanitary condition of facilities to complete development and implementation of sanitation programs (a turn-key sanitation program).

RGCI & RC uses CloudLIMS to Manage Breast Cancer Research


The Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center (RGCI & RC) is a world-class hospital for cancer treatment. RGCI & RC is renowned globally for its comprehensive cancer care set-up. It has integrated cancer research programs and laboratories which drive improvements in cancer treatment and clinical care. With its world class biorepository, it meets the needs of the scientific community focused on cancer and allied research. The biorepository stored biospecimens, including plasma, buffy coat and tissue samples, taken with consent from patients diagnosed with cancer. The biorepository collects a wide variety of tumor tissue as well as adjacent normal tissue from surgical resections done at RGCI & RC. Tissue associated buffy coat and plasma are also collected. The RGCI & RC biorepository aims to provide translational cancer researchers with high quality biospecimens and related clinical data, in order to facilitate discoveries that will lead to improvements in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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