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Cloud-based LIMS: A Quintessential Data Management and Workflow Automation Solution for Cannabis Testing Laboratories

Arun Apte, CEO at CloudLIMS

The 2018 Emerald Conference

Cannabis has the potential to treat a myriad of medical ailments, inflammatory diseases, because of its analgesic properties. The entire cannabis industry, from seed-to-sale, is exponentially expanding due to the legalization of medicinal cannabis in many states in the United States. This has accelerated the growth of cannabis testing laboratories... Read More >>
Cloud-based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS): A data management solution for regulatory compliance and cost-effective operations in cannabis testing laboratories

Arun Apte, CEO at CloudLIMS

The 2018 Emerald Conference

The legalization of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use, sale, and distribution in the United States is driving the growth of cannabis testing laboratories. The primary objective of regulations in the cannabis industry is to ensure that only licensed dispensaries sell cannabis-based products in order to ensure that they are safe for public consumption... Read More >>
Research Collaboration using Cloud: How Biobanks can Collaborate to Accelerate Biomedical Research

Dr. Jim Vaught, Editor-in-Chief, Biopreservation & Biobanking

Global Biobank Week 2017

The mission of biobanks is to serve the scientific community by accelerating biomedical research as a certified resource for standardized biospecimen collection and archival. Hence, a collaboration of biobanking and biomedical research is required to significantly improve and facilitate the development of better prognostic, preventive and personalized healthcare worldwide... Read More >>
Improving the Efficiency of Cannabis Testing Laboratories using Affordable Cloud-based Lab Information Management System (LIMS)

Stephen Goldman, Laboratory Director, PhytaTechSM CO LLC, Denver, United States

Cannabis Science Conference 2017

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a flowering plant indigenous to Central and South Asia. The plant has been valued since ancient times for its psychoactive, medicinal, and fibrous properties. With the increasing legalization of both recreational and medical cannabis, there is a need for robust and reliable cannabis analytical testing to ensure consumer safety and potency for... Read More >>
Leveraging Cloud Technology to Manage Processes and Data to Maintain High-Quality Storage Services at The University of Sheffield Biorepository

Dr. Steven Haynes and Ella Morton, Sheffield Biorepository, The University of Sheffield, UK

ISBER 2017

Founded in 2009, the Biorepository at The University of Sheffield is critical for the progress of health-related research. They provide storage services and high quality human biological samples to research groups for supporting cutting-edge investigation in the areas of oncology and human metabolism; infection, immunity and cardiovascular disease; and neuroscience... Read More >>
Drive Data Sharing, Collaborative Research Among the Network of Biobanks Using Cloud

Shonali Paul, COO at CloudLIMS

ISBER 2017

Biobanks play a pivotal role in biomedical research. To facilitate research for improving the health and welfare of individuals, communities and population, sharing of biospecimens along with health-related data among the collaborators is crucial... Read More >>
Accelerating Clinical Research Using Cloud Technology

Carolyn Compton, Professor of Life Sciences, Arizona State University, United States

AACR 2017

With the aim of helping individuals overcome health issues, clinical research is an important field where doctors, drug experts and biologists work together to unravel the causative factors and suitable treatment plans for the most critical health problems... Read More >>
Cloud Technology to Enable and Accelerate Clinical Data Management in Biobanking

James Robb, Consulting Pathologist, Member of CAP Informatics Committee

CAP 2016

Clinical research and pathology laboratories need to expedite research in order to provide better, faster and innovative treatments to patients. To achieve this objective, efficient clinical data management solutions... Read More >>
Harnessing Cloud Technology for Biobank Informatics in the Age of Precision Medicine

Shonali Paul, COO at CloudLIMS

ISBER 2016

Introduces BioTracer, utilizing cloud technology to accelerate discovery and development of new drugs for precision medicine... Read More >>


Title Presenter & Venue Abstract
Role of LIMS in Implementing Regulatory Compliance in Cannabis Testing

Mr. Stephen Goldman, Laboratory Director at PhytaTechSM

Terpenes and Testing World Conference 2018

Regulatory requirements for cannabis testing laboratories and role of LIMS in following the regulatory requirements... Read More >>
Harnessing Cloud Technology for Biobanking Informatics

Shonali Paul, COO at CloudLIMS

TMC Biobanking Workshop 2017

Biobanks are key resources that contribute towards efficiencies in clinical research and facilitate development of new therapies, diagnostic tests, and personalized therapies... Read More >>
Cloud-Based Tools for Efficient and Low Cost Biobanking

Shonali Paul, COO at CloudLIMS

ISBER 2016

Data management requirements for biobanks, traditional LIMS challenges and how cloud based SaaS solution addresses these... Read More >>
A Zero Capex Sample Management Solution for Low Cost, Ethically and Regulatory Compliant Biobanking

Elena Salvaterra, Biobank Expert and member of ISBER Science and Policy Committee

ESBB 2015

Insights on biobank challenges, financial constraints, ethical and regulatory compliances, and overcoming these through cloud based software... Read More >>
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