Patient Portal Released


CloudLIMS, an advanced SaaS, in the cloud LIMS software with zero upfront cost, accelerates biobanking, analytical, diagnostic testing, and research laboratory operations by efficiently managing laboratory data, automating laboratory workflows, and following regulatory compliance, such as CLIA, ISO 15189:2012, ISO 20387:2018, EU GDPR, HIPAA, GLP, ISO/IEC 17025:2017, 21 CFR part 11, among others. The latest version of CloudLIMS, version 2.35, is equipped with a secure, HIPAA-compliant patient portal to enable clinical and COVID-19 diagnostic testing laboratories to efficiently manage patients or patients and associated data, securely deliver test reports to them, and minimize turnaround time.

The key functionalities of the patient portal are as follows:

  • Patient Self-registration: A patient can now securely register themselves on CloudLIMS’ patient portal for undergoing a diagnostic test, such as a COVID-19 test, directly from your website. While registering on the patient portal, a patient needs to fill out personal details, such as name, email address, date of birth, and gender. The registration form can be pre-set based on the lab requirements. After successful registration, the patient receives an email with a unique username and password using which they can securely log in to the patient portal. Additionally, the patient’s record is automatically created in the Patient module of CloudLIMS avoiding needless data entry and transcription errors. The patients can track the status of their test request on the patient portal.
  • Password Changing or Recovering Functionality: The patients can easily recover their password using their registered email address and the forgot password functionality if they do not remember their password. Additionally, the patients can change their password for accessing the patient portal. The password changing functionality minimizes the risks associated with security breaches and provides control to patients to safeguard their health information.
  • Securely Deliver Test Reports to Patients: You can now securely deliver test reports to patients through CloudLIMS’s patient portal. As soon as the test reports are available, they are automatically associated with the records of patients. Subsequently, you can select a patient record and release the test report. As soon as you release the test report, the patient receives an email notification. The patient can then securely log in to the patient portal and download the test report.
  • Include a Unique QR Code on Test Reports: You can now generate a unique QR code for the test results and include it on the test report. The patients can have the QR code scanned either from a digital test report or a printed report. This functionality enables patients to assert their test results, particularly COVID-19 test results, at airports, workplaces, universities, or anywhere they go.
  • Personalize the Patient Portal Login Page: You can now customize the login page of CloudLIMS’ patient portal to offer a personalized experience to patients. The patients can directly login to the patient portal from your website to download test reports or to track the status of their test request. You can use your logo for branding. You can add a custom title, subtitle, and footnote to the login page and can define the font size, font type, and color of the text to match the look and feel of your website. You can add a custom text message and link it to a website of your choice. You can also insert a background image and define its size, and change the transparency of the login page to increase the visibility of the background image.
  • Selectively Display Patient Attributes: You can now show or hide patient attributes per your preference in the patient registration form. For example, a patient does not need to specify a custodian ID during registration; however, the laboratory staff members need it. It is possible to retain the ID in the patient module to complete the registration process. This functionality enables you to selectively display only relevant attributes depending on the user.

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