Cloud Privacy Threat Modeling (CPTM): A Modeling Approach for Securing Privacy Protection when using Cloud

Cloud Privacy Threat Modelling (CPTM)

August 01, 2016

Next generation sequencing (NGS) machines produce huge amount of data which requires scalable storage and post analysis. In order to accommodate this amount of information, many biobanks have shown interest in cloud computing capabilities.

However, the development of Cloud solutions encounters several vaults in the current scenario. There are several security and privacy requirements mandated by personal data protection legislation which hinders biobanks to migrate big data, generated by the NGS machines.

It also includes number of other factors such as lack of user control, fear of privacy breaches (which is mostly due to limited knowledge about the cloud), lack of training and experience, concerns about non authorized secondary usage of data, & regulatory complexity of a compliance. These are some of the bottlenecks which are acting as a detractor to the growth of cloud in the healthcare sector and biobanks.

Several modeling approaches are now available to answer the concern of privacy & its protection during cloud solutions usage. These models meet the mandatory requirements which Platform-as-a-service (PAAS) & Software-as-a-service (SaaS) should fit. CloudLIMS, a web based LIMS delivered as SaaS, is designed to follow regulatory guidelines for privacy and security.

The Cloud privacy threat modeling (CPTM) has been developed recently in support of the European Biobank Cloud project and gives an interesting examples of how many threats to cloud computing can be effectively handled by complying to the European data protection directive.

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Reliability & Performance Benefits of a Cloud based SaaS

April 01, 2016

Maintaining all your data in the cloud ensures that the data is protected from natural calamities such as flood, hurricanes and earthquakes. The service providers assure continuous data backups are available on mirror servers installed at different geographic locations. These servers are monitored 24x7, 365 days a year, by the AICPA developed SOC compliant hosting centers which are responsible for regular upgrades, up-time and security as part of the ongoing subscription fee. High server configurations and practices such as effective load balancing, upgrade/fix deployment methodology promise an uninterrupted rich user experience at a minimal price.

Products developed in the cloud platform are easy to deploy and offer benefits, including zero maintenance, zero IT investment, free technical support and automatic backups and upgrades.

Some of the benefits of CloudLIMS are:

Secure and Compliant

CloudLIMS is hosted on AICPA developed SOC compliant world class infrastructure along with multiple layers of application level security processes. Data transmission from customer's PC to the CloudLIMS server occurs using 256-bit encryption HTTPS protocol. A separate database layer is deployed for each customer so that there is no possibility of viewing or accessing your data by a third party.

No Hardware, No Software

CloudLIMS eliminates the need of any additional hardware or software, thus helping users to save significantly on IT resources and infrastructure costs. Users need not worry about server breakdowns, systems outages, network issues, performance issues, upgrades & patches and software lock-in.

Access Anywhere, Any Time

CloudLIMS is browser, operating system and database system agnostic, which makes it a truly portable sample management solution. You can access it from any geographic location at any time using a single secure login mechanism.


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