CloudLIMS Exhibited @Pittcon Conference & Expo 2021

CloudLIMS - A zero upfront cost LIMS at Pittcon 2021

March 16, 2021

CloudLIMS, a leading provider of laboratory informatics, exhibited at the Pittcon Conference & Expo 2021. We showcased our SaaS, zero upfront cost, in the cloud LIMS for clinical, research & analytical testing laboratories, such as food and beverage, cannabis, agriculture, oil and gas at the event. The event had insightful sessions on diverse topics, including point-of-care diagnostic tests, food safety and science, cannabis and hemp testing, labeling and effects. It was a great learning experience for us.

Our CEO, Mr. Arun Apte, delivered a talk titled "LIMS in the Cloud: Key to Achieve Quality Assurance & Operational Efficiency in Cannabis Testing Laboratories” at the event. The talk was well-received by the audience. If you missed the chance to hear the talk, you can download the presentation from our website.

Download Presentation

We also presented a poster titled "Leveraging a Cloud-based LIMS to Meet FSMA requirements & Drive Automation in Food Testing Laboratories" at the event. The poster is now available on-demand. You can download the poster from our website.

Download Poster

Thousands of attendees participated in the 5-day virtual event. Delegates from across the globe who make decisions – the purchasers, the scientists and researchers, the directors, the professors, and the owners participated in the event. Delegates from various sectors such as cannabis & hemp, food science & agriculture, environmental, pharmaceutical, life sciences participated in the event and got the opportunity to interact with each other. The event featured talks by industry leaders, poster presentations, short courses for professional development, and exhibitions by several vendors.

Is SaaS LIMS right for your laboratory? Read our article to find out.

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