Dr. Cesar A. Marquez

“At Lifted Testing Laboratories, we specialize in testing cannabinoid content across a variety of products, from raw plant materials to edibles and cosmetics. Our choice in selecting a LIMS centered in several key requirements specific to a lab serving the cannabis industry. We require full control of a sample’s chain of custody, the capability to import data directly from the analytical instrument and provide corresponding calculations, and the generation of certificates of analysis compliant with governmental regulations. CloudLIMS is our chosen system not only because it provides these important functions, but because its flexibility also allowed us the implementation of online logbooks and inventory control – functions essential to facilitating a holistic approach in a lab’s systems.

More importantly, CloudLIMS’ client service is without rival; a dedicated team assisted us across all implementation and training processes. Designed in a flexible platform, the support team was able to adapt CloudLIMS at a preliminary stage to our particular needs and continues to respond promptly to new developments. Their knowledge, dedication, and commitment to our success makes CloudLIMS an outstanding management system in this highly competitive industry.”