Michelle Dinh


“CloudLIMS is accessible anywhere, any time, as long as there is internet connection which allows more flexibility to use amongst our team. It is also configurable on multiple levels so no matter what kind of operations the end-user is running, CloudLIMS is more than likely to achieve your operational needs. Technical support is also supportive, ensuring the customer feels comfortable and competent using the application by consistent communication and regular meetings with fast response times too. There are a couple refinements that can be made, such as the arrangement of columns for some windows, the data types, and additional statuses (sample collected, sample picked up, sample received, etc) to track samples through its chain of custody/workflow.

It is also a solution to improve our workflow to reduce time manually updating databases, handwriting forms, and manually assigning codes to subjects and samples. With the implementation of CloudLIMS, we are able to have a much more seamless workflow with transparency throughout our entire facility on the chain of custody of samples, our inventory, the progress of our accruals to keep track of metrics, and much more.”