Tanmay Gharat


“Our biorepository is mainly comprised of biospecimens from cancer patients, including blood, tumor, adjacent normal tissue, adipose tissue, and urine. Our partner hospitals in India collect these samples, which are then processed and stored at our facility. What we like best about CloudLIMS is the product functionality and perseverance of the CloudLIMS team in addressing our challenging needs. The feature that stands out for us is the ability to track the complete genealogy of samples and manage patient data, including patients’ consent. With this feature, we can trace the history of each sample easily, including the patient from whom it was collected, the condition of the patient at the time of collection, etc. The product also enables us to meet ISO 20387 compliance requirements with ease. The team’s support during our evaluation process was excellent, and they answered all our questions satisfactorily. We conducted thorough testing before purchasing the product. Our entire team, including C-level executives, participated in the evaluation process, and we were impressed with the product’s full capabilities.”