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“We recently had the pleasure of meeting the CloudLIMS team at the IBS 2023 Annual Conference & Exhibition in New Delhi, India, and our experience with them was exceptional. Selecting a vendor for a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) can be daunting, but CloudLIMS stood out for us due to their expertise in the industry and prior experience in streamlining the operations of another group we knew. The fact that CloudLIMS is a purpose-built LIMS for both biobanks and clinical research labs, which are the two types of facilities we have across India, made our decision easy. During the demo, we were greatly impressed by the functionality and intuitive interface of CloudLIMS.

We will be using CloudLIMS for our biobanking facility in Kolkata and our outstation sites as well. We plan to expand to our clinical research labs in the future. Their expertise, reliability, and commitment to customer satisfaction make them a top choice for any biobank or clinical research facility looking for a robust LIMS system. I would highly recommend CloudLIMS.”

Shaily Pincha
Admin Head
Indoriv Clinical

“CloudLIMS was a game-changer for us. Historically, our LIMS system consisted of a legacy MS Access request database and excel datasheets, where manual data entry and reporting were the norms. After purchasing CloudLIMS, we quickly realized how much easier it was to customize and automate data uploads from our instruments, along with reports. Additionally, the CloudLIMS support and development team is always there to help and find solutions. The team at CloudLIMS is very responsive, organized, and able to turn around requests quickly. We are very happy with the product and service we have received from CloudLIMS and look forward to continuing to grow our CloudLIMS database and provide a great product & value to our customers.”

Brian Rorabeck
Laboratory Manager

“Bluebonnet Labs provides third party hemp and cannabis testing services. We evaluated several LIMS integrators and found CloudLIMS to check all our requirements. Unlike other providers, CloudLIMS was very clear on their fees and did not charge for setup, CoA customization and training. They bought in an A-Team who was professional throughout our interaction. CloudLIMS team developed a functionality to help us include QR codes on CoAs to enable quick authentication of test results. They dramatically enhanced the functionality to auto-calculate complex test results to help us save time and effort. Thank you, CloudLIMS, for your exemplary support and services!”

Archana Parameswar, Ph.D
Laboratory Director
Bluebonnet Labs

“We at Garner Bio take pride in providing ethically sourced and ethnically diverse high-quality samples on demand. We were looking for a LIMS for our commercial biobank and zeroed in on CloudLIMS. It has all the functionality to meet our workflows, besides data and quality management needs. We were greatly impressed by the product demo, the pre-sales support that we received, and the hassle-free order fulfillment process. Thank you, CloudLIMS, for making such a wonderful product for biobanking!”  

Poojan Suri
Founder & CEO
Garner BioSolutions Inc.
United States of America

At KolGOTrg, we work towards improving the quality and duration of life for women with gynecological cancers through high-quality research and participation in clinical trials. Translational research and biobanking are key elements of our studies. In order to streamline and digitally manage our operations, we turned to CloudLIMS. The CloudLIMS team configured the product per our requirements at no additional charge to help us securely manage patient data and annotated samples. They set up the freezers to reflect our physical layout. Furthermore, the team conducted comprehensive training sessions to help us go live. We thank CloudLIMS for their superior implementation. I am happy to recommend CloudLIMS to biobanks looking for a feature-rich LIMS at affordable pricing.

Dr. Asima Mukhopadhyay
Founder and Director
Kolkata Gynecological Oncology Trial and Translational Research Group (KolGOTrg)
Kolkata, India

We recently implemented CloudLIMS at our biobank for streamlining and managing our operations. The CloudLIMS team promptly arranged all essential certificates and documents to fast track the approval and purchase process. CloudLIMS is a perfect fit for our biobank and we are happy with the team’s industry leading complimentary services. I am happy to recommend CloudLIMS to any biobank in India or anywhere across the globe.

Dr. Vinnyfred Vincent, MD, DNB
Department of Biochemistry
All India Institute of Medical Sciences
New Delhi, India

We deployed CloudLIMS at our Alzheimer’s disease research-use-only testing facility to streamline and automate our testing services and offer top-notch services to our clients. The CloudLIMS team developed functionality to help us batch upload an external report to multiple test records, saving time and effort. Furthermore, they developed the much-needed functionality to import and release external test reports to clients, helping us with client servicing. Thank you, CloudLIMS, for your exemplary support and services at all times!

Yusaku Hioki, Ph.D.
Sr. Applications Spec.
Shimadzu Analytical Laboratory Service (SALS)
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.

We received great support from the CloudLIMS team for instrument integration and for CoA formatting. The CoAs are designed exactly the way we wanted them. While building the workflow, whenever we hit a roadblock, the team quickly resolved it and got us up and running. We are happy with the team’s product and services.

Alex Woodmass
CEO, Lead Technical Director
Lexachrom Analytical Laboratory

Plusvital offers COVID-19 testing services in addition to genetic testing services. The CloudLIMS team translated our requirements and configured the workflow module in the product to match our operational workflows, giving us monitoring control over each step in the lab. To automate our COVID-19 diagnostic operations, they integrated our real-time PCR instrument Applied Biosystem StepOnePlus™ with CloudLIMS. CloudLIMS did not charge us either for product setup or for training. Now that we have gone live, I can recommend CloudLIMS to anyone looking for a LIMS to meet the requirements of COVID-19 diagnostic testing.

Conor Breen
Operational Bioinformatician

We implemented CloudLIMS for streamlining and managing our COVID-19 diagnostic operations. The CloudLIMS team handled every step during onboarding, from product and reporting template configuration to instrument integration, very competently. Looking at their product and services, we have started implementing CloudLIMS at our food testing lab. I am happy to recommend CloudLIMS to anyone looking for a LIMS!

Bertrand Payet, M.Res.
Molecular Technologist
Ortus Laboratories (Seychelles) Pty. Ltd.

CloudLIMS has become an integral part of our clinical diagnostics and COVID-19 testing. The CloudLIMS team made sure we had everything set up for running our operations smoothly. They provided the templates to help us meet the reporting requirements for COVID-19. Their batch report processing helped us save time. Moreover, we receive outstanding support at all times!

Syed K Haque, MD, DABCC, FAACC
CEO & Laboratory Director
ALC Diagnostics

Free Fall Testing Labs provides Cannabis and Hemp testing services in Colorado. I have yet to find a LIMS that is closer to meeting all the challenging needs of a testing lab meeting ISO 17025 and State requirements. CloudLIMS, and their superior customer service team, have been instrumental in assisting us with all of the details in all the requirements we must meet from 2D barcodes to amended Certificates of Analysis! We send a huge thank you to all the CloudLIMS team for your continued support and service.

Kimberly Toman
Free Fall Testing Labs

In EJADA labs, we are testing different types of samples to check the quality of the animal feed products, food, water, and oils. We decided to deploy CloudLIMS to maintain quality standards and to streamline our analytical lab operations as we are approved by ISO 17025. The CloudLIMS team configured the product and reporting templates to fast-track the onboarding process. They specifically developed a unique sample identifier system to help us maintain year-wise logs. We are particularly impressed by CloudLIMS’ flexibility and post-sales support.

Mr. Abdullah Mohammed Hassan
Labs Manager
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

We are very pleased with our choice of CloudLIMS. The CloudLIMS team configured the product to exactly match our COVID-19 diagnostic workflows. The interface is simple, very easy to operate and fully functional. The CloudLIMS team is responsive, always keeps up with customers’ needs, and constantly improvises the product. CloudLIMS has become an integral part of our diagnostic testing.

Mr. Michael Zheng

The CloudLIMS team configured the product as per our requirements and conducted multiple training sessions to accelerate the onboarding process. With the complementary data migration services they offered, we imported over 30,000 samples of different types in the system. We are particularly impressed by CloudLIMS’s flexibility, excellent training, and fast response time.

Saba Abdulghani Oliveira da Silva, Ph.D
Biobank Coordinator
Comprehensive Health Research Centre
NOVA Medical School
New University of Lisbon
Lisbon, Portugal

MOgene LC, a high complexity CLIA-certified lab, was looking for a secure system to automate and streamline the diagnostic operations, especially after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As there was high demand of COVID-19 test requests and an urgent need for automation, we quickly zeroed in on CloudLIMS to meet our data management, automation, and compliance requirements. The CloudLIMS team not only mirrored our workflows, but also integrated with our clients as well as other vendors’ patient portal systems, right from patient registration to test report delivery. This definitely is a remarkable addition to our quality systems. I am happy with CloudLIMS’s flexibility and exceptional support during the whole process!

Kazima Saira, Ph.D
Lab Director
MOgene LC

We are very pleased to use CloudLIMS for managing multi-lab work-flows involving the collection of several different types of samples. With CloudLIMS’s enhanced user group management and the unique configuration module, we could accommodate diverse work flows of six different types of labs into one single product. The access level control helps us manage data integrity. The complimentary data migration services were a big plus for us. It took the onus of uploading all the data off our shoulders and enabled us to get started with CloudLIMS without dedicated staff. I recommend CloudLIMS to whoever needs a LIMS solution for the life sciences.

Danielle G. Lemay, PhD
Associate Professional Researcher
Genome Center
Head of Bioinformatics Initiatives
Foods For Health Institute
University of California, Davis

With CloudLIMS, we were able to load our legacy data of 60,000 samples rapidly using the universal uploader. The uploader directly maps our existing data to the data fields in CloudLIMS. The data fields and our laboratory workflows were easy to configure, which allowed for a quick deployment!

Dr. Steven Haynes
Core Facility Manager
Genomics Facility/Sheffield Biorepository
University of Sheffield

We wanted to upgrade, digitalize, and automate our inventory system workflows and further streamline our highly complex sample management processes. After deploying CloudLIMS, we are able to manage all types of incoming and outgoing samples more securely and efficiently, to ensure complete sample traceability, and to locate stored samples seamlessly. The CloudLIMS team configured the product to mirror our storage inventory and workflows. I am so happy with CloudLIMS’ support and services!

Mr. Hussein Ismail
CEO and Vice President
BIRKA BioStorage AB

We were looking for a package which would be suitable for tracking samples between different locations, generate barcodes, print labels and set up clinical studies. CloudLIMS enabled this and negated the requirement for large hardware costs – as a new business, this was very attractive. Also being able to update numbers of licences easily on a monthly basis is an advantage to an expanding business and enables us to tailor our contract with CloudLIMS to meet the requirements of our new clients. The support at CloudLIMS is excellent and I am very satisfied with their services.

Dr. Sue Keeler
Managing Director
Colibri Scientific Ltd.
United Kingdom

I am very pleased with the availability of CloudLIMS, and I am even happier with the reasonable price. Excellent product it works great for the price you can’t beat it. Customer service support, excellent!

Mr. Ariel Gonzalez
Allied Research Society

Our decision to implement CloudLIMS was validated when our lab was able to quickly turn around samples. With our operations streamlined, we have significantly improved our ability to provide our clients with more timely testing results. I’d say CloudLIMS is the most affordable full featured sample management tool on the market with data backups, hosting, loading of existing data and technical support all built into the product price. CloudLIMS team has done a great job!

Mr. Robert Tracy
BevTrac Mobile Quality Systems LLC

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center has established a world class Biorepository to meet the needs of the scientific community focused on cancer research. CloudLIMS provides a perfect blend of functionality and cost for us. The program meets the growing demand for sample management and storage. The CloudLIMS team is passionate, providing us all the support needed to mirror the workflows of our Biorepository. We are looking forward to a long association with CloudLIMS.

Dr. Birendra Kumar Yadav
Technical Manager
Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre, India

CloudLIMS is designed keeping in mind a biobanking environment. CloudLIMS’s easy-to-use configuration modules helped us save costly customization and quickly come up to speed. I particularly liked the ability to set user defined fields, assigning user rights and creating samples and aliquots.

Mr. Abel Gonzalez
Chief Executive Officer
Global Biomedical Foundation Inc.
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