Secure Client Portal for Seamless Communication with Your Clients


One of the biggest challenges for laboratories is to find a way of directly and easily communicating with their customers through a secure digital channel. An easy communication channel often leads to a hassle-free experience for the laboratory and a happy customer for them. For better laboratory operations and efficient customer service, several LIMS vendors introduced a client portal. A client portal is a means of information sharing between a laboratory and its clientele via an easily accessible web browser.

The conventional client portals offer unilateral communication, where a laboratory shares information with their customers. However, with the launch of new portals, customers are able to interact with laboratories by placing service requests using the client portal. The client portals are designed to allow customers an easy and quick access to place service requests with laboratories and receiving information on the outcomes. This simplifies client interaction and collaboration system.

The client portal adheres to some of the most salient aspects of an online system, namely, simple and secure sharing of data in a compliant manner (as opposed to other digital methods of data sharing, such as emails). This automates laboratory operations, resulting in minimal resource investment in managing customer data. A seamless communication system that enables collaboration between a laboratory and its customers assures both timely service and client satisfaction. A laboratory using a LIMS with a client portal does not need to invest in deploying personnel and allocate time to handle customers or their sample and test data; the portal takes care of it. This automation leads to less manual intervention, reducing the scope of human errors and data breach.

A client portal is designed to include certain specific features that help laboratories communicate and manage the client data easily and properly. It has a unique and secure log-in for each customer to access their data. It enables laboratory customers to place the order for sample purchase, sample storage, tests on multiple samples, check sample status and test results in real-time, download invoices, etc. It makes the complete process of placing an order with any laboratory an easy experience, without the client having to go through unnecessary formalities and time constraints. The client portals are easy to manage and provide an interface for seamless communication with clients.