Role of LIMS in Overcoming Biorepository Operational Data Management Challenges


CloudLIMS hosted a complimentary webinar titled “Role of LIMS in Overcoming Biorepository Operational Data Management Challenges”. A large number of attendees participated in the live webinar. The webinar was presented by Dr. Steven Haynes, manager of the Sheffield Biorepository, which is part of the University of Sheffield Medical School. It was a wonderful experience interacting with the participants and answering their interesting questions.

Biobanks play a crucial role in the discovery of disease-specific biomarkers, drug discovery and drug development. Biobanks collect, process, and store high-quality biological samples and associated clinical and biological data. Biobanks are also responsible for ensuring patient privacy. Hence, biobanks must safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI), manage patient consent, and ensure that biospecimens collected from patients are used for intended purpose only, for example, clinical trials, cohort studies, etc. Biobanks face several challenges, including managing biospecimens, associated metadata, and patient consent, standardizing operational workflows, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data, and following regulatory guidelines such as HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, IRB, ISO 20387, audit trail, etc.

The webinar focused on the importance of biobanks in research, factors to consider when sourcing biospecimens from biobanks, data management and regulatory challenges of biobanks, and the significance of a LIMS in addressing the challenges faced by biobanks. The webinar also highlighted the significance of a biobanking LIMS in managing sample and patient data, assigning role-based access to authorized users, following regulatory guidelines, filtering records, and generating personalized reports. Furthermore, the webinar also discussed the importance of a LIMS in the cloud in minimizing operational costs of biorepositories and in ensuring no data loss.

If you missed the chance to attend the webinar, you can watch the recording. If you would like to discuss some of the challenges of your biobank, you can sign up to talk to our experts.

Watch the webinar titled “Biospecimen Quality for Precision Medicine” presented by Dr. Jim Vaught, Editor-in-Chief, Biopreservation and Biobanking (BIO).