A Glimpse of “Eye Check-up Camp”

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CloudLIMS-India, in collaboration with Saluja Eye Care, Indore, recently hosted an eye check-up camp exclusively for employees of the company (CLites), which proved to be highly successful. All the CLites actively participated in the event, demonstrating their commitment to health and well-being. This initiative aligns with the organization’s ongoing efforts to prioritize the health and welfare of its workforce.

Saluja Eye Care, Indore, renowned for its skilled and qualified eye specialists, facilitated the camp by providing advanced eye check-up equipment and top-notch facilities. During the camp, CLites underwent comprehensive eye examinations to identify various conditions such as refractive errors, dry eyes, and glaucoma. Each individual received personalized advice and guidance from the eye specialists based on their specific eye check-up reports

The camp was meticulously organized, with all necessary preparations made in advance. The CloudLIMS-India office was transformed into a mini-clinic to ensure a comfortable and relaxed environment for the CLites during the check-up process.

Following the eye check-up camp, Saluja Eye Care promptly provided test reports to the team members. If any treatment was required, the eye specialists encouraged them to seek it without delay. The managers also followed up with the team members to ensure they received their reports and promptly pursued any necessary treatments.

In summary, the eye check-up camp conducted by CloudLIMS-India in collaboration with Saluja Eye Care, Indore, achieved resounding success. It provided CLites the opportunity to receive thorough eye examinations from experienced eye specialists who offered tailored advice based on individual check-up reports. By organizing this health-focused camp, CloudLIMS has demonstrated its continued commitment to the well-being and health of its employees.