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Fun Fairs have always been exciting and special for all of us, bringing in memories from the fun we had as children. It always brings joy, nostalgia, and fun-filled moments to live with. Yes! That’s true. We at CloudLIMS always strive to make the workplace a fun-filled place and foster a conducive environment to strengthen the bond among employees, leading to better productivity. This time we decided on having a fun fair at CloudLIMS’ India office.

Our engagement team organized a fair that included games such as Pour the Jar, Dart Game, Luck Bowl, and Lemon Race, followed by a few street-style mouth-watering food stalls. The fun fair was full of activities, and we received an overwhelming participation from our zealous team members.

The fun fair kicked off with “Pour the Jar”, having a total of six teams wherein the goal was to fill the glass without dropping even a drop of water. Each team poured water into the glass one by one, being careful not to spill along the way. The objective was to act as a team – trusting and guiding each other. This resulted in encouraging better communication and coordination among colleagues. What fun! Every participant gave their best to make their team win.

The next game was competitive yet interesting. Yes! The game was “Dart Game”. Everyone was waiting to play this game, and there was a buzz around hitting the bullseye. Each team member took two turns to aim at the board, with each area allocated a score. Everyone tried their best shot, with a few team members hitting very close to the target, thereby collecting points for their team. Two teams were very close in their scores and we had to conduct a rapid-fire to declare a clear winner.

Our next game was the “Luck Bowl Game” and it came as a complete surprise to our team members. Since childhood, everyone likes to try their luck and win gifts. The game required each CLite to try their luck by picking up one chit from the glass bowl. Some of our CLites got lucky and hit the jackpot and some bagged lucrative gifts. The happiness on our winners’ faces said it all.

The concluding game was “The Lemon race”, in which you need both speed and balance to make it to the finish line first. The winning team completed the relay in record time without dropping the lemon even once! After all the adrenalin rush, it was time for appetizing street food. The chat stall included pani puri, dahi puri, and was supplemented with a scrumptious Raj Kachori and a delicious cake. We all love such breaks to relive our childhood memories. Such breaks dissolve the stress and foster strong bonds among colleagues, making a happy workplace. CloudLIMS believes in creating such endearing memories that CLites cherish for the time to come.

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