Enabling Biobanks Achieve ISO 20387 Compliance using a Cloud-based LIMS

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Presenter: Shonali Paul, COO at CloudLIMS

Venue: ISBER 2019 Regional Meeting & Exhibits, Minneapolis USA

Abstract: Biobanks provide high-quality biological materials and associated data for clinical and translational research. A new accreditation program for biobanks, ISO 20387:2018, specifies the technical and quality requirements for the competence, impartiality and consistent operations of biobanks. The objective of ISO 20387 is to ensure that biological materials and associated data are of high-quality and are appropriate for use in research. ISO 20387 compliance plays a crucial role in the standardization of practices among biobanks, researchers, and third parties. ISO 20387 compliance applies to all biobanks storing biological materials from multicellular organisms, such as humans and microorganisms, for research and development. Biobanks need to comply with the requirements of ISO 20387 to demonstrate their competence in providing quality biological materials.

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