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Roles of a Commercial Biobank

  • Collect and perform basic processing of samples
  • Store samples temporarily
  • Supply/sell samples such as extracted DNA RNA cell lines collections to clients along with associated metadata
  • Publish their sample collections along with sample descriptions price catalog numbers on a personalized web catalog
  • Enable researchers to procure high-quality samples and associated metadata

Some of the benefits commercial biobanks offer are as follows:

The Importance of Commercial Biobanks

  • Meet the sample supply deficit
  • Have highly motivated teams with vast networks
  • Offer fast-paced environments to meet industry requirements
  • Meet administrative and regulatory requirements swiftly to provide samples to companies to facilitate their research
  • Have financial resources to meet the highest scientific and ethical standards
  • Ensure maximum utilization of biosamples

Commercial Biobanking Workflow

CloudLIMS Features That Support Commercial Biobanks

CloudLIMS is a biorepository management system designed to manage the entire life cycle of samples and their associated data from end to end. It offers the following features that support commercial biobanks:


Manages and tracks samples from reception, storage, transportation to disposal while automating sample processing workflows


Optimizes sample inventory in the freezer units by effectively managing the freezer capacity, samples stored and unused spaces


Prevents unauthorized access and restricts access to modules, actions, and data based on the rights assigned to users and user groups to maintain the integrity of samples


Maintains a log of all user activities in a biobank and generates audit reports


Manages staff and generates training competency matrix to quickly visualize the training status or competency level of staff


Manages inventory and generates inventory reports for optimal resource management and utilization


Maintains a genealogy and facilitates barcode search of parent and child samples


Creates and assigns unique barcodes to samples and prints labels


Sends regular alerts on sample expiry, freeze-thaw count, and sample quantity to biobank managers


Supports a filter-based context search to refine sample search, making it easy to find the sample of interest


Optimizes management of all SOPs and confidential documents, while tracking full version history of the folders, subfolders and each document within them


Tracks lab inventory such as reagents, consumables, kits, and raises alerts before the inventory depletes or expires


Assigns role-based access permissions to authorized individuals and user groups to safeguard the PHI of sample donors and prevent data misuse


Enables customers to place and track storage requests and download invoices from the client portal


Supports two-factor authentication (OTP and password-based) and locks account temporarily in case of multiple failed login attempts for foolproof security

Regulatory Compliance for Commercial Biobanks

Commercial involvement in the collection, handling, and storage of biosamples is generally not condemned, so long as scientific, ethical, and social norms are upheld.

Commercial biobanks are required to comply with the following regulations:

Why CloudLIMS?

CloudLIMS offers a secure, cloud-based biorepository management system that can be deployed in less than a week, enabling you to go live in no time.

A commercial biobank using CloudLIMS’ biorepository management system enjoys the following unique benefits:

  • It facilitates instant and secure data access from anywhere and at any time
  • It reduces operational costs and enhances operational efficiency
  • It is easy to configure and scale without any chances of data loss
  • It supports integration with temperature monitoring systems to monitor temperature within and outside freezers in a biobank
  • It helps commercial biobanks easily automate workflows and track deviations from standard predefined workflows
  • It enables commercial biobanks to meet regulatory compliance and follow sample management best practices with ease
  • It enables commercial biobanks to offer customer service to their clients using a secure client portal that tracks service requests

CloudLIMS Helps Ensure the Quality and Security of Your Samples and Data at All Times


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