Deploy in Less than a Week: CloudLIMS’s Preconfigured COVID-19 LIMS Solution for Mobile Testing

Why is COVID-19 Mobile Testing Appealing?

Building a new COVID-19 testing laboratory may be challenging for small, medium-sized, and even for some large organizations due to space, budgetary and time constraints. A mobile testing laboratory can alleviate these bottlenecks and can be shared across organizations.

COVID-19 mobile testing laboratories can be deployed rapidly to facilitate the testing of active or suspected cases of COVID-19. They can be used in far-flung, rural areas that may have limited resources. Because they require minimal space, they can be easily deployed in field setups. They are cost-effective as they require minimal infrastructure to set up. This means that they can be afforded by a majority of medium and large-sized organizations and hence help in bridging the COVID-19 testing gap.

CloudLIMS supports mobile COVID-19 diagnostic testing facilities by enabling automation and complete digitization of mobile testing workflows, right from patient registration, sample collection, testing, to reporting.

CloudLIMS Offers a Full-Feature, Cloud-Based LIMS Tailored Specifically for COVID-19 Mobile Testing

CloudLIMS offers a preconfigured, scalable, in the cloud LIMS solution for mobile COVID-19 testing labs. The system comes preconfigured with COVID-19 and other infectious disease workflows and reporting templates for quick reporting of test results. Additionally, it can be easily configured to support new testing methods for COVID-19 on the go.

This minimizes the onboarding time and facilitates the rapid deployment of mobile testing solutions. It allows COVID-19 laboratories to easily automate without investing in IT infrastructure.

Benefits of CloudLIMS for Mobile Testing Labs

  • Manages data flow from point-of-care testing to reporting test results.
  • Safeguards PHI (Protected Health Information) of patients by assigning role-based PHI access to authorized personnel only.
  • Generates sample barcodes & prints labels on-site for tracking sample & patient records.
  • Features a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based patient portal. It enables patient self-registration, generates QR-coded registration tickets for quick verification of patient identity, and securely delivers test reports to patients.
  • Features a secure, cloud-based physician or provider portal that allows physicians to access test reports of patients as soon as they are released.
  • Facilitates test reporting as per CDC and state guidelines.
  • Facilitates compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, CLIA requirements.
  • Manages laboratory inventory, such as kits, consumables, tracks the use of inventory items, and alerts laboratory managers for replenishing inventory on time.

CloudLIMS Can Help Mobile Testing Labs Achieve the Following

  • Rapid deployment (in less than a week).
  • Accelerate testing throughput.
  • Minimize operational and reporting errors (barcoding).
  • Facilitate instant and secure data access from anywhere anytime.
  • Offer additional mobile clinical diagnostic services.

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