Breaking the Lab Shopping Cycle

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Author: Arun Apte

Journal: The Cannabis Scientist, August 18, 2023

Abstract: The wave of cannabis legalization in the US has resulted in a rapid expansion of the industry – predicted to reach $82.3 billion by 2027 (1). Various cannabis-related enterprises are emerging, from businesses focused on processing, testing, and distribution of cannabis products to those providing legal, financial, and consulting services.

But with growth comes growing pains. One such pain is “THC inflation” – the act of reporting falsely high THC concentrations. Strains with less than 10 percent THC are classified as low THC strains, while those with over 20 percent THC are considered high THC strains. In the world of cannabis, the phrase “less is more” is rarely heard, and high THC products command premium pricing.

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