On-Demand Webinar: Labs of Tomorrow: Leveraging LIMS Reporting for Growth & Patient Satisfaction

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On-Demand Webinar- Leveraging LIMS Reporting for Lab Growth & Patient Satisfaction

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Webinar Overview

In healthcare, a test report from a clinical diagnostic lab serves as the foundation upon which healthcare professionals base their initial assessments, subsequent treatment plans, and monitor the progress of patients. It also enables patients to understand their health condition and proactively participate in their healthcare. However, medical jargon and the complexity of clinical data in these reports can create a gap between patients and their physicians, reducing patient engagement and leading to poor patient outcomes. The solution? Smart reports. 

The reliability and precision of diagnostics reports directly impact clinical decisions and patient outcomes, making them indispensable in the diagnostic process. Smart reports are designed to bridge this divide by making diagnostic information comprehensible and engaging for patients. These advanced reports leverage AI and data analytics to integrate and analyze complex data from medical tests, imaging scans, and genetic information of patients to provide more comprehensive, easy-to-understand information about their medical condition. To be able to generate and disseminate accurate and valid smart reports, labs need to ensure complete data traceability, secure data and user management, automated workflows, regular staff training, timely calibration and maintenance of analytical equipment, and compliance with regulatory guidelines. A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) can help you meet these requirements, generate smart reports, and securely deliver them to patients and physicians in real-time using its web portals.

Key Takeaways

  • What are smart reports, their types, and their advantages?
  • What are the prerequisites of generating an accurate and valid smart report?
  • How is LIMS-powered smart reporting transforming diagnostics and improving patient outcomes while accelerating laboratory growth?  
  • How can a smart report be delivered securely to patients and physicians?

Who Should Watch?

Recommended attendees include lab managers, directors, quality managers, and technicians of clinical diagnostic labs.


Montserrat Valdes

Sr. Scientist


Montserrat Valdes is a highly skilled chemical engineer with a diverse background in research and industry. She holds a Master of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan and an Analytical Chemistry Diploma from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Currently, Montserrat is working with CloudLIMS.com as a Senior Scientist.

In addition to her work as a chemist, Montserrat has also served as a research engineer, successfully coordinating various environmental projects of great importance. These projects include the simultaneous capture of NH3 and H2S using nanoparticles, the biodegradation of surrogate naphthenic acids, and the adsorptive removal of antibiotics from livestock waste streams.

Montserrat has also made significant contributions to scientific literature through her research articles and conference presentations. Her publications in journals such as the Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering and Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering highlight her expertise in topics ranging from nanotechnology applications to biodegradation and wastewater treatment.

Joyneel Acharya

Co-founder and Product Head


At NirogGyan, Joyneel embodies the potent fusion of innovation and execution. His journey began with computer science engineering from BITS Pilani, and MBA from IIM Calcutta (both top Indian institutes), after which he worked for 3 years as a data scientist in a startup that enhanced his product, technology & analytics skill sets.

Today, along with his wife Shweta, Joyneel serves as the driving force behind NirogGyan’s solution, crafting futuristic healthcare solutions that are not only impactful but also financially sustainable, seamlessly bridging the gap between cutting-edge solutions and real-world applications.