Identity and Access Control

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Single Sign-On (SSO)

CloudLIMS offers a single sign-on (SSO) that enables users to access CloudLIMS using the same sign-in page and authentication credentials. SSO simplifies the login process, ensures compliance, and provides effective access control and reporting. Furthermore, this functionality reduces the risk of lost or forgotten passwords and the need to remember or reset passwords.

Multi-Factor Authentication

An additional verification, apart from the password, provides an extra layer of security to the system. Multi-factor authentication also minimizes the risk of unauthorized access and assures foolproof data security. You can configure multi-factor authentication in the CloudLIMS application to further strengthen data security.

LDAP Authentication

If users have higher security requirements, they can use alternative authentication mechanisms, including LDAP or Active-Directory authentication, and disable CloudLIMS’ internal authentication mechanisms.

Administrative Access

Our technical access controls and internal policies prohibit employees from arbitrarily accessing user data. We follow the principles of least privilege and role-based permissions that minimize the risk of data exposure. Production environments are maintained on AWS and authenticated using a combination of strong passwords, two-factor authentication, and passphrase-protected SSH keys. A separate network with stricter access rules and hardened devices facilitates such access. CloudLIMS users can be assigned unique login credentials (ID and password). User access privilege can be configured based on the role in the organization. The master administrator is notified of every activity performed in CloudLIMS.