Infrastructure Security

Network Security

Our network security and monitoring techniques are designed to provide multiple layers of protection and defense. We use firewalls to safeguard our network from unauthorized access and undesirable traffic. Our network administrators regularly monitor the firewall and strictly track the access and changes made to it. We use separate networks to protect our sensitive data. Additionally, we review these changes periodically to comply with updates and rules revisions. We have a dedicated team of Network Administrators that keeps an eye on any discrepancies or suspicious activities in the infrastructure and takes corrective and preventive actions if needed.

Server Hardening

All servers provisioned for development, testing, and production activities are hardened by disabling unused ports and accounts, removing default passwords, and other measures. The firewall is configured to manage inbound and outbound requests. Here are some of the security measures that our ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified cloud partner (AWS) ensures:

1. Built-in firewalls
2. Encrypted data storage using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256
3. Auto-scaling facility
4. Automatic load balancing
5. Daily backups
5. Disaster recovery