Physical Security

Security Safeguards at Our Workplace

We provide access cards to employees to enter our resources (buildings, infrastructure, and facilities). We provide employees, contractors, and visitors with different access cards that only allow access strictly specific to the purpose of their entrance into the premises. Our administration and Human Resource (HR) team maintains the purposes specific to roles and also maintains access logs to identify and address anomalies.

Local Data Centers

CloudLIMS prioritizes security in data centers and allows only authorized users to access the same. Employees need to request access by stating a valid reason. The requests are time-bounded and are granted based on the principle of least privilege. Authorized personnel of the company reviews and approves the request. Individuals cannot enter the areas restricted in their permissions once they receive access to the data center.


We monitor all entry and exit movements throughout our premises in all our departments and data centers and restricted areas through deployed high-resolution CCTV cameras. Back-ups of the footage are stored for a specified interval.