Client Management and Reflex Testing Functionality for Clinical and Testing Laboratories Further Enhances CloudLIMS Lite’s Capabilities

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Wilmington, Delaware – October 04, 2017, CloudLIMS, a leading laboratory data management informatics provider, today announced the release of the new version of its feature-rich, cloud-based LIMS, CloudLIMS Lite. CloudLIMS Lite is an intuitive purpose-built LIMS assisting biobanks, clinical, research and testing laboratories effectively manage their laboratory data and streamline laboratory workflows. The new version supports a truly configurable module for managing laboratories’ client data. Additionally, it facilitates testing laboratories in scheduling reflex tests or follow on tests with the objective of offering quality care to patients.

The ever-increasing clientele poses a challenge for clinical and testing laboratories to manage their client data. With the latest version of CloudLIMS Lite, testing laboratories can seamlessly manage their client information and associate them with patient and sample data. Managing client data using a LIMS helps laboratories eliminate chances of manual errors, save time, enhance customer satisfaction, thus strengthening the relationship with their clients.

The reflex test is a practice of adding on tests or investigations for better interpretation and confirmation of test results when the primary test result is inconclusive. It also eliminates the need for additional sample procurement. For the clinical industry, test results influence diagnosis, prognosis, disease treatment, management of disease, and therefore reflex tests are imperative for confirming diagnostic test results, avoid medical errors, leading to improved patient care. With CloudLIMS Lite’s reflex testing functionality, testing laboratories can schedule a subsequent laboratory test or a cascade of tests on samples which are pre-tested for a particular analyte.

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“The laboratory data management informatics landscape is evolving and client management has become the de facto requisite of clinical and testing laboratories for efficient service delivery. The new version of CloudLIMS Lite is equipped to meet this requirement seamlessly,” said Arun Apte, Chief Executive Officer at CloudLIMS. “We are excited to release this new version which also includes reflex testing functionality, automated maintenance of test chronology, and a number of enhancements, prepping laboratories to meet the evolving testing requirements,” he continued.


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