CloudLIMS’ New Workflow Management Functionality Empowers Laboratories to Organize & Streamline Workflows

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Wilmington, Delaware – October 21, 2020, CloudLIMS, a leading provider of laboratory informatics, announces the release of the workflow management functionality to help laboratories manage and streamline their workflows with ease. This functionality, included in their latest release, enforces the laboratory staff to follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) as per the laboratory guidelines. It strengthens task coordination among laboratory staff, helps ensure that all steps and requirements of each workflow are followed properly, enabling laboratory managers to standardize their operations.

The workflow management functionality enables biobanks, analytical, diagnostic testing, and research laboratories to monitor the sample processing status, determine the current processing stage of each sample, and track any deviations from the specified SOPs. You can add an unlimited number of workflow templates, edit or delete them, and associate one or multiple sample types with each. This functionality enables laboratory managers to manage the complete sample life-cycle seamlessly.

The highlights of CloudLIMS’ workflow management functionality are:

  • Creating a workflow template to guide laboratory staff to follow SOPs.
  • While adding each step in a workflow, a user is able to select an action item, a competent staff, and add notes.
  • At the time of sample accessioning, if a workflow template is attached, tasks get assigned to the specified staff. Staff commence the workflow according to the tasks assigned to them and specify the start date.
  • After completing the task and marking the status of the step as complete, only then the next step of the workflow opens up for processing.

Image: CloudLIMS helps manage laboratory workflows seamlessly.

“Workflows vary from one laboratory to another and from one sample type to another. CloudLIMS’ workflow management functionality is designed to assist laboratories in managing, streamlining, and automating complex workflows, no matter what type of lab you operate,” said Arun Apte, Chief Executive Officer at CloudLIMS. “The workflow configuration functionality enables laboratories to update and optimize workflows from time to time, making them future-proof. With the workflow management functionality, we aim to boost laboratory productivity, eliminate unnecessary operations, and improve the quality through strong process controls,” he continued.

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