CloudLIMS’ New Kits Module Facilitates Sample Collection from Multiple Collection Sites for Clinical Studies

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Wilmington, Delaware – March 19, 2019, CloudLIMS, a leading laboratory data management informatics provider, announces the release of a Kits module for its Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), CloudLIMS. The Kits module is for clinical research and testing laboratories, enabling them to create kit templates, construct kits, ship them to collection sites and track kit supplies. With the Kits module, your laboratory can ensure that the collection kits and supplies are sent on-time to collection sites to collect samples and tracked efficiently to identify samples and maintain their integrity. Inadequate tracking and identification compromises the samples quality and may compromise a clinical study.

Collection kits play a significant role in meeting the specifications of a clinical study. Collection kits simplify and streamline the collection process for single and multi-site clinical trials. The samples collected using the kits are returned to the testing laboratory for analysis. With CloudLIMS’ Kits module, a laboratory can easily customize collection kits (collection supplies, labels, and shipping materials) based on the specific study protocol established for the trial. Key benefits of the Kits module include:

  • Create kits using pre-defined study specific inventory templates
  • Design barcode labels for kits
  • Manage inventory used to create kits
  • Track the kits shipments

Please visit the upgrades page for release notes.

“Collection kits facilitate clinical trials by designing study-specific kits and by standardizing the components used for collection, a critical factor in assuring pre-analytical variation,” said Arun Apte, Chief Executive Officer at CloudLIMS. “Through the kits module, CloudLIMS gives testing laboratories an efficient method to manage kits and in turn, run successful clinical trials by following established SOPs,” he continued.


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Ankita Acharya