CloudLIMS Announces Collaboration with Cerdio to Enable Secure & Digital Sharing of COVID-19 Test Results

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Wilmington, Delaware – November 3, 2020, CloudLIMS, a leading laboratory informatics provider, and Cerdio, a leading provider of innovative technology to securely share verifiable COVID-19 test results, offers an integrated solution that provides COVID-19 diagnostic testing laboratories with a robust tool for patient registration, laboratory data management, and secure report delivery to patients.

The integrated solution enables COVID-19 diagnostic laboratories to automate their workflows, minimize turnaround time, and provide a seamless experience to patients. COVID-19 testing laboratories can seamlessly manage COVID-19 tests and patient data, automatically transfer analytical data to CloudLIMS, and electronically deliver test results to patients. Subsequently, the patient can access the test results, 24/7, using either Cerdio’s mobile app or a printed pdf. Patients can securely share the results with clinicians, employers, schools or universities by presenting the QR code received along with the test results, without disclosing sensitive health information.

The objective of the integration is to leverage Cerdio’s mobile app for a secure and mobile result delivery solution and CloudLIMS’ laboratory management capabilities to automate the entire spectrum of COVID-19 diagnostic workflows, which follow regulatory guidelines, such as HIPAA, CLIA, ISO 15189:2012. The mobile app enables patients to access as many test results as they sign up for, and securely share their latest and valid COVID-19 test results with their employers or schools, at airports or with any other people they have been in contact with.

Key highlights of how the integrated solution automates COVID-19 diagnostic testing laboratory results delivery are:

  • A patient signs up with a COVID-19 pop-up or drive-through diagnostics and registers for a COVID-19 test by filling-out personal details and a screening questionnaire.
  • The testing center receives the inputted information along with other key details, such as testing location, appointment ID, test kit ID when they register. The data is automatically recorded in CloudLIMS, a COVID-19 LIMS, through interoperability between CloudLIMS and Cerdio’s app.
  • COVID-19 specimens are collected from the patient either by qualified laboratory personnel or a physician or by the patient with instructions from a healthcare professional and the sample is deposited with the testing facility.
  • The laboratory staff accessions the collected specimen in CloudLIMS, which is then associated with the patient record. The staff then prints the specimen label and affixes it to the specimen container for seamless tracking throughout the specimen life-cycle.
  • Laboratory staff conducts a COVID-19 test. The integration of analytical instruments used for testing with CloudLIMS facilitates automatic importing of results in CloudLIMS.
  • The laboratory manager validates the test results and approves it via CloudLIMS for release. The test results (positive or negative) are securely accessed using Cerdio’s app.
  • The patient receives a notification from Cerdio based on the contact information provided. The test results delivered to the patient include a unique secure QR code that can be scanned by businesses, academic organizations, or governments across the globe to authenticate COVID-19 results and to ensure that they are recent.

“We developed the integrated solution to enable COVID-19 testing laboratories to cut off several days of turnaround through workflow automation, right from patient registration to report delivery. The solution is aimed at accelerating the delivery of test results directly to patients. This not only ensures initiation of timely clinical care of patients but also enables organizations to verify COVID-19 test results while safeguarding patient privacy,” said Arun Apte, Chief Executive Officer, CloudLIMS. “We hope to expand our reach to a greater number of laboratories to help them scale-up COVID-19 testing, enhance efficiency, reduce patient wait times, and help the world battle the COVID-19 pandemic,” he continued.

“As Cerdio has expanded its network of trusted laboratories globally, effective partnerships have become a cornerstone of our success. Since day one, we have focused on a lab-first approach, allowing laboratories to increase sales, decrease administrative overhead, and make results forgery-proof and verifiable, all with minimal disruption to their existing workflows,” says Robson Beaudry, Cofounder and Head of Business Development, Cerdio. “CloudLIMS’ existing software and partnerships in the fight against Covid-19 make for a natural, mutually beneficial synergy as we continue to help more labs adjust to the realities of the Covid-19 era.”

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