CloudLIMS Announces Collaboration with Folio for Secure Issuance of COVID-19 Results to Patients

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Wilmington, Delaware – February 16, 2021, CloudLIMS, a leading laboratory informatics provider, and Folio, a leader in the digital identity world, offers an integrated solution that enables COVID-19 diagnostic testing laboratories to register patients, seamlessly manage tests, and digitally deliver COVID-19 results and certifications directly to patients efficiently and securely. The Folio mobile wallet, a biometrically secure wallet on patients’ smartphones, enables patients to receive, store and share their COVID-19 test results digitally with their employers or government authorities.

CloudLIMS, a full feature COVID-19 LIMS, enables COVID-19 diagnostic laboratories to seamlessly manage laboratory data, automate workflows, and follow regulatory compliance, such as HIPAA, CLIA, ISO 15189:2012. Furthermore, CloudLIMS’s robust cloud-based solution enables COVID-19 diagnostic laboratories to scale testing volumes by eliminating the complexity in reporting results to hundreds of patients. Folio’s result issuance platform provides a secure, identity-linked, encrypted channel, for secure delivery of COVID-19 test results and certifications directly to the Folio mobile wallet of patients. The integrated solution eliminates any chances of lost or misplaced results and the need to print test reports or share them via email.

In a typical COVID-19 diagnostics facility, staff conducts COVID-19 tests as per the SOPs. Once the results are available, the laboratory manager validates and approves the test results in CloudLIMS before delivering them to patients. The patient receives the test results via the Folio app, which they can download from the App Store or Google Play. The test results also include a unique secure QR code generated by the Folio app to facilitate contactless result validation. They can have the QR code scanned by businesses, academic organizations, governments, or health screening staff at airports to assert their COVID-19 results.

“We developed the integrated solution in collaboration with Folio Technologies to enable COVID-19 testing laboratories to maximize sample testing throughput and securely deliver COVID-19 test results directly to patients as soon as the results are available,” said Arun Apte, Chief Executive Officer, CloudLIMS. “With this secure integrated solution, we aim to support COVID-19 testing efforts across the globe, reduce pressures on COVID-19 testing laboratories by reducing turnaround time, and enable patients to securely access their verifiable test results anytime, anywhere using their smartphones,” he continued.

Ben Barnett, Chief Commercial Officer of Folio said “The Folio Smart Wallet is one of the highest rated and most trusted Apps in its category on the App Store. We are delighted to be partnering with CloudLIMS to add the capability of sending Covid test certificates from laboratories across the globe to our existing community and new users. This partnership will be a powerful weapon in the fight against Covid-19, helping drive trust and confidence in the validity of Covid test results and making them easy to access, private and secure for the patient.”

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Folio is a leader in the Digital Identity world, backed and funded by the SGO Group with a history of deploying transformative digital solutions in the public sector. CEO, Tatiana Cogevina, previous Board Director at the OIX, the Open Identity Exchange, a global authority on digital identity, headquartered in London and advising governments around the world on best practices. Folio is consulted by Government Departments and Think Tanks like the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, advising on best practices in Digital Identity frameworks, architecture and policies and recommended by Gartner as a solution for returning to normal in a post-covid world. As a participating member of DIACC, the Digital Identification and Authentication Council of Canada, and the international Kantara Initiative, Folio delivers identity projects in major provinces and works on interoperability standards around the world.


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