A CSC Spring 2024 Recap: CloudLIMS’ Talk on Building and Maintaining an AI-powered ISO 17025-Compliant Lab with Cannabis Laboratory Testing Software

CloudLIMS' Talk at CSC Spring 2024 Delineated the Role of Cannabis Laboratory Testing Software for Building and Maintaining an AI-powered ISO 17025-Compliant Lab

We are back from the Cannabis Science Conference (CSC) Spring 2024. At the event, Montserrat Valdes, Sr. Scientist at CloudLIMS, delivered a talk titled “Nailing Compliance: Building and Maintaining an AI-powered ISO 17025-Compliant Cannabis Testing Lab.” The talk was well received by an eager and attentive audience.

The ISO/IEC 17025:2017, an internationally recognized standard, delineates the criteria for testing and calibration laboratories to showcase proficiency, impartiality, and consistency in their operations. Achieving and maintaining ISO 17025 compliance helps labs strengthen their credibility and facilitates cross-border trade. Many U.S. states mandate that cannabis testing facilities maintain ISO 17025 accreditation to operate legally. Advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), not only empower labs with data-driven decision-making for enhanced operations and accurate results but also enable them to fulfill ISO/IEC 17025:2017 requirements with ease. Montserrat’s talk offered actionable tips for establishing and maintaining an AI-powered cannabis testing lab compliant with ISO 17025 standards. Furthermore, the talk delineated how cannabis laboratory testing software or cannabis LIMS can help labs achieve their compliance goals. 

If you missed the chance to hear her speak live, you can download the presentation from our website.

Cannabis Science Conference, the cannabis industry’s premier science event focusing on analytical science, medical cannabis, and cultivation, brought together experts and enthusiasts from across the globe to explore the dynamic world of cannabis science in its Spring edition. From analytical testing to cultivation and regulatory compliance, the conference offered a comprehensive platform for learning and networking. Attendees immersed themselves in diverse tracks, including Analytical, Cultivation, Compliance, and Medical, gaining insights into the latest advancements in cannabis science and its applications in medicine, industry, and beyond. With over 30 exhibitors, more than 80 speakers, and an extensive lineup of over 50 sessions, the conference provided a great opportunity to learn from and engage with the scientific cannabis community. 

It was a pleasure delivering a talk at an immersive and dynamic conference such as the CSC Spring 2024. 

If you did not attend the event or did not get a chance to meet us at the event, we are happy to discuss your laboratory challenges at your convenience and demonstrate what CloudLIMS can do to mitigate them. 

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