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Our benefits go beyond the basics. Our competitive compensation portfolio, comprehensive benefits, in addition to the programs like interest free loans, medical insurance, reimbursement of gymnasium fees, training/certification reimbursement, free lunch facility, casual dress, provision of flexi timing, concessions, paid parental leaves and paid holidays are designed to support you and your family. Our people are the crucial system underpinning our organization’s ability to grow and thrive. Hence we offer a number of programs that help our employees balance a successful career with a healthy lifestyle involving family, friends and community.

Work-Life Balance

CloudLIMS employees enjoy monthly concessions,
along with additional benefits that provide flexibility to manage their time away from work.


We provide paid holidays, where CLites can enjoy their festivals and spend quality time with their families.


We have flextime for our employees who need time to attend to their families or deal with difficult situations back home.


Includes vacation along with sick leaves, we provide casual leaves and earned leaves that totals upto thirty days of leaves an employee can take.

Easy Transitions

We offer easy transition to employees so that they stay connected with CloudLIMS for the time they are away by giving them short assignments keeping them abreast of the ongoing tasks at office.


We believe that the health of our employees is vital to their success—both personally and professionally. So we provide programs helping them lead healthy lifestyles.

Medical Coverage

We provide paid holidays, where CLites can enjoy their festivals and spend quality time with their families.

Fitness Program

To promote a healthy lifestyle, we extend 50% reimbursement on gym membership fee to all our employees.


We are committed to supporting young parents by offering them a lot of flexibility.

Parental Leaves

CloudLIMS believes in providing a supportive culture that enables new parents to take time off to bond with their newborns. We offer up to six months of paid maternity leave as well as up to three days of paid time off for young fathers.