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At CloudLIMS, we believe in learning and adapting well to changing environments to perform the best over time. As an organization, we invest heavily in building talent and provide our employees with ample opportunities to grow into larger roles with more responsibilities. With our employees having well-defined career paths, they are well aware about the possibilities on their horizon so that they feel continuously growing professionally because of which they feel we are quite transparent.


Our career framework ensures that the career development aligns with the current business needs of the organization providing cross-functional exposure, challenging roles and opportunity to bloom as an individual or a team. As a part of the performance management system, we identify and measure an individual’s skill sets against the competencies required to perform a task. To provide access to globally acclaimed programs, we arrange for trainings with some of the best learning institutions like Dale Carnegie, Franklin Covey and various industry experts.


Its the passion, collaboration, entrepreneurial spirit, the empowerment that transcends all levels of hierarchy and the concept of being the CEO of your own career that allows all the CLites to align behind that single vision and drive with purpose each and everyday for personal career satisfaction. Our rewards and recognition program honors both individuals and teams who go an extra mile to serve the company. We review and recognize the individual and team performances on a monthly basis as Employee of the Month. Consistent and exceptional performances throughout the year are rewarded at the company’s annual function as Beacons & Promotions of the Year.