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Complimentary Services

Zero Upfront Cost!

Technical Support

CloudLIMS provides unlimited technical support via email, live chat, and phone to promptly address your lab-critical needs. Prompt technical support helps you get speedy answers to your questions and immediate resolution of the reported issues during our business hours. We offer over 20 hours of live technical support, Monday through Friday, spanning 24 standard time zones to service our global customer base.

Product Training

We offer comprehensive online training to facilitate the quick onboarding of our customers. The training is intended to maximize administrator and end-user capabilities by providing in-depth knowledge to lab users, enabling them to leverage the full capabilities of the product, tailor it when required, and accomplish their day-to-day responsibilities with ease.

Instrument Integration

CloudLIMS can be seamlessly integrated with simple to highly complex instruments using CSV/XLS files. The CSV/XLS file mapping enables data to be imported from multiple instruments into a LIMS. CloudLIMS periodically reads instrument-generated CSV/XLS files and maps the headers present in the files with the correct fields/attributes in CloudLIMS, thereby transferring the analytical data to CloudLIMS seamlessly.

Reporting Templates

We can configure Certificates of Analysis (CoA) or report templates at no additional charge. Our team can also deploy multiple templates in custom layouts per your preference, enabling you to meet diverse reporting requirements per your client and statutory needs.

Product Upgrade

CloudLIMS guarantees that you always have the most current version of the product. Whenever new features are released, all the customers’ versions are automatically upgraded to the latest version at no additional charge. Unlike traditional LIMS software, there is no need to download or install the updates or patches.

Legacy Data Migration

We help you migrate complex legacy data from your existing data management system to CloudLIMS without compromising data quality, saving time, resources, and efforts. This enables you to get started quickly, without losing data, and achieve operational efficiency from the very first day with CloudLIMS.

Automatic Backups

We and our cloud service provider take regular backup of your data automatically on multiple servers located at disparate geographical locations. In the face of an infrastructure breakdown or natural calamity, data loss can be minimized by restoring the data seamlessly.